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Xavier Comas (Barcelona, 1970) a fine arts graduate of the University of Barcelona, relies on chance to create his works, using photography accompanied with writing to illustrate the bonds he builds with people and places.

          Comas’ work has been published and exhibited in Europe and Asia, as well as being featured by prominent magazines throughout the world. The Singapore Art Museum exhibited his installation ‘Pasajero’ in 2009 and acquired his ‘Jiutamai’ series as a permanent collection. His work ‘Tokyo up, down’, a random photographic exploration in elevators, was exhibited at the Noorderlicht Photofestival 2011 and by the Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn, Estonia.

          In order to create his most notable work to date, ‘The House of the Raja’, Comas immersed himself in the Deep South of Thailand for over a year and returns regularly. The resulting images have been widely exhibited and are now published in this book, his first both as photographer and writer.

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